Write Into Freedom

Write Into Freedom

Write Into Freedom – A Gateless Salon

Do you feel stuck in your life?  Maybe you feel stuck in a relationship, in your job or in your business.

Often when we feel stuck, we look outward rather than inward.   We spin and spin and spin on the surface.  We get stuck in that spin cycle and then we ruthlessly tear ourselves apart. We struggle to find the thread that will lead us back in.

Do you like to write?  Join us in using writing as our pathway back in, riding the written word to move out of the dizzying spin and into our juicy, powerful dance with life.  Break out of the criticism and into creativity.

This writing salon is for anyone who wants to come alive, get real, speak your truth and deeply reconnect with your limitless potential within.  Come make love with yourself through the page and enjoy the freedom that emerges.  It’s less about the craft of writing and more about connecting deeply with ourselves.

In this Salon we’ll be using Gateless, a powerful writing methodology where we will transcend the critical mind and focus instead on what feels powerful and alive.  In the Gateless field we thrive in our collective, limitless magic.  Be surprised by what you birth here.

In this Salon I will offer a grounding meditation followed by a writing prompt.  We will write for a bit and then read our pieces aloud to each other.  After hearing a piece, we will reflect to the reader what’s most powerful, strong and alive thereby giving the critic a rest.

When: TBD – If you are interested in this offering, please contact me.

For more information give me a call at (707) 888-9646 or email me at contactsuzie at suziegruber.com.