Coaching Sessions

Often, when we get curious about the areas where we are stuck in our lives, there is some old limiting belief or pattern that just doesn’t seem to shift. While you know you have the capacity to thrive , there’s something in the way. That something often involves bringing the body into the equation.

Working with me, you will uncover your limiting patterns and beliefs while learning to track and feel body sensations, emotions and movements. This combination holds the key for you to get the results you want in your life.

In every session we begin with you deciding what you want to explore during our time together and how your life might improve with this understanding. Then depending on what you want, my work is informed by Somatic Experiencing® and the Neuroaffective Relational ModelTM (NARM) developed by Laurence Heller, PhD to help you uncover the root of whatever difficulty you are exploring. Often, you will uncover a core dilemma ( e.g. if I do this, I have this idea that other bad thing will happen) inside a limiting belief and by challenging that dilemma, you create change.

I offer a somatic, experiential coaching journey that goes beyond understanding and telling your story, giving you a lifelong toolbox to help you reduce stress and navigate challenging situations with greater presence and ease.