We Come Alive!



We Come Alive!

Do you feel unfulfilled or limited in your life?

You’ve created a good life for yourself.  You have a meaningful relationship with your partner and a lucrative career.  Yet deep inside, you know more is possible and you want to take your success to the next level.  Something is in the way.  You’ve tried lots of techniques, but nothing has worked.  Are you ready to find out what’s actually going on?  Let’s talk.

Do you
avoid conflict?

Although most of your life is working really well, you notice that you cringe at conflict in a way that limits your success.  Whether it’s something personal like differing with your partner or something professional like negotiating a business deal, you avoid the discussion and acquiesce.  Then, you criticize yourself mercilessly.  Are you ready to unpack that?  Let’s talk.

Do you doubt or
pressure yourself

There’s always more to do and what you do is never quite good enough, that voice in your head endlessly telling you what you could have done differently. Imagine quieting that voice, not through distractions or techniques, but by feeling satisfied with doing your best and by creating an effective team supporting you. Are you ready to get curious about that voice and experience more ease and satisfaction in the process?  Let’s talk.

Do you feel stressed?

Are you looking for ways to feel better?

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Stress Reduction Tools

Using Touch, Containment & Orienting

We can never be truly disconnected from our hearts.

We are only disconnected from our awareness of our hearts.


~ Dr. Laurence Heller, Author of Healing Developmental Trauma

Let yourself be silently drawn by the deeper pull of what you really love.

— Rumi