You Might Find Interesting

Additional Resources

Here are some resources you might find interesting on this journey of awakening aliveness & freedom:

How Our Childhood Survival Strategies Can Impact Our Success – My colleague, Jen Julius, interviewed me on her radio show. We talked about how survival strategies that we developed during childhood may still be impacting our lives today.

Yes, It Hurts: Understanding The Trauma – Chronic Pain Connection – My colleague, Kate Pintor, asked me to give a brief teleseminar on the connection between trauma and chronic pain. This is the slide deck I offered.

Suzie’s Stress First Aid Kit e-Book – Stress is a frequent experience for many of us. I offer you an opportunity to learn about your stress response and create your own unique Stress First Aid Kit.

Survival Styles Self-Assessment – Here’s an opportunity to learn a little bit about how you tend to navigate everyday experiences. Dr. Laurence Heller calls these tendencies Survival Styles. Created by Dr. Heller and my colleague, Neal Winblad, this self-assessment will ask you a number of questions and then email you the results.

Understanding The Stress Response – Do you ever reflect on your own behavior when you are stressed and wonder “Why in the world did I do that?” This Harvard Mental Health Letter explains in simple terms the physiology of our stress response. When we feel threatened, our body’s first priority is to resolve the threat and that response may not make any sense to us until we understand our own innate wiring.

What Is Addiction? – In this video Gabor Maté describes his views on the origin of all addiction as an attempt to manage pain and suffering.

SE at CPS – A few years ago Jerry Allen and I ran a pilot program to use bring Somatic Experiencing® for families engaged in Children’s Protective Services beginning in Sonoma County, CA. Using the SE Brief Stabilization Model we developed with Ariel Giaretto specifically for the child welfare setting, we wanted to offer a brief, cost-effective alternative designed to improve family outcomes.

Trauma Awareness Workshops – I offer trauma awareness workshops for professionals working in a variety of settings, including schools, child welfare agencies, clinics and other medical providers. These workshops educate your team on how trauma impacts the physiology of the human nervous system, shedding light otherwise confusing behaviors in both adults and children. When an organization gains this lens, a new level of teamwork can emerge, especially when addressing very challenging clients and students.