Meet Suzie


Meet Suzie


A Little Bit About Suzie

My deepest passion lies in helping you improve your life today. You have an innate drive towards aliveness, wellness and success, a primal urge that gives you the strength and courage to change, regardless of what you face along the way. I’m here to help you do that.

I came to this place in a kind of circuitous way. After obtaining a graduate degree in Chemistry, I spent 15 years in the biotechnology industry working in Operations for start-up companies. Although I was quite successful in my career and I enjoyed the never ending, high energy challenges of start-ups, my first career never quite fit the deeper me. I had to honor my own primal urge to do what I love, help you come alive.

When I learned about peak oil, climate change, and the instabilities in our economic system, I knew I had to listen to my own deeper voice. I decided to completely rebuild my professional life from the ground up, first getting a Master’s Degree in Psychology and then becoming a Somatic Experiencing® (SE) practitioner and most recently training in the Neuroaffective Relational ModelTM. I offer a combination of these two modalities because they changed my life. I moved away from feeling crisis-driven on a daily basis, to instead experiencing each day with greater aliveness and success and enjoying more satisfying relationships.

One of the cornerstones of how I work with you involves helping you uncover any survival strategies that you may have developed during childhood that you still may unknowingly use today. To learn a little bit about these strategies, please listen to my interview with Jen Julius .

Want a taste of how I work? I invite you to download your free e-Book now. This book, filled with experiential exercises, will help you get curious about your stress symptoms and invite you to track your somatic experience so you get the results you want.

I offer individual sessions in person in my office in Sebastopol, CA and over Skype. Please call (707) 888-9646 or email contactsuzie at suziegruber dot com to learn more.