I Dare You To Soar

Suzie GruberInspiration

I Dare You To Soar

I watched Kobe Bryant’s last NBA game with tears streaming down my face.  Yes, I will miss being dazzled by his signature moves, as he streaks to the basket through an opening invisible to anyone else.  What else was I feeling?  As I looked deeper, I realized this man embodies “I can.”  Picture Kobe sinking two free throws moments after destroying his Achilles tendon. He literally tried to pull the tendon up so he could keep playing.  “I can’t” only became part of his vocabulary when his physical body began to break down.

Life Force

When I watch Kobe play, I feel that raw life force inside myself, that part of me that inspires me to pursue my dreams, treating obstacles as gifts.  I ignored that place for a really long time. Watching Kobe feels like rattling a simmering volcano.Elemental Lif e Force

I want all of us to know that raw life force and live it.  How many of us live our lives for other people without feeling that fire in our belly, without daring to want much of anything for ourselves?

I Dare You

Kobe the basketball player lives like the bird soaring through the air, one with the sky.  Elemental life force, born to be that.  Do you know that place in yourself?  What is yours to do? Do you listen?  Do you embody it?  I dare you. I Dare You To Soar I dare you to soar, stop making excuses, to emerge from your hiding place and begin honoring your own unique elemental life force right now.  Yes, you can and must make friends with what’s in the way.  That’s an elemental part of this journey too.  Take one step.  Just one step.