Facing Transition

Suzie GruberSensation

Facing Transition – A Time To Listen Closely What if a big change has just happened in your life. Maybe you moved to a new area, you lost a loved one, you lost or started a job, your last child just left home.  You are in a significant transition right now on the brink of a brand-new season in your … Read More

It’s Not Just Who We Are

Suzie GruberSurvival Strategies

It’s Not Just Who We Are How many times have you said to yourself “I always put things off until the last minute” or “I hate being in the spotlight.”  Do you believe that’s just who you are?  Let’s dig a little deeper and see if something else is going on.  Maybe traumatic experiences earlier in your life have something … Read More

Is There Room For Life?

Suzie GruberHow I Work

Is There Room For Life? One day a client was exploring what’s in the way of creating the life he wants. As we looked closely at his internal experience, he found a set of confusing mixed messages like “I want this” followed quickly by “I can’t have it.”  Sound familiar? How often have you felt excited about a dream or … Read More

I Dare You To Soar

Suzie GruberInspiration

I Dare You To Soar I watched Kobe Bryant’s last NBA game with tears streaming down my face.  Yes, I will miss being dazzled by his signature moves, as he streaks to the basket through an opening invisible to anyone else.  What else was I feeling?  As I looked deeper, I realized this man embodies “I can.”  Picture Kobe sinking … Read More

Explore – Curiosity As A Bridge To Aliveness

Suzie GruberHow I Work

Explore – Curiosity As A Bridge To Aliveness In my first and second blog posts I described the process of setting an intention. Once we do that, the next step is to begin to explore together. Our tool for exploration is curiosity.  Curiosity means a desire to learn and to know, a sense of inquisitiveness. For me curiosity brings an … Read More

Setting An Intention – Part 2

Suzie GruberHow I Work

Setting An Intention – Part 2 I want to continue the conversation about how I work with people by describing a little more about intention setting and how that helps you take action on your own behalf. If you missed my first post on establishing an intention, please check it out. We Want To Feel Better Often a client will … Read More

How We Begin Together

Suzie GruberHow I Work

How We Begin Together I want to share a bit about what happens when you decide to work with me.   The first question I ask you in every session is “What do you want most for yourself today?” I ask you this so you can set an intention for yourself during our time together.  You might want to feel more … Read More