Come Alive!

Unlike telling your story yet again,
I help you end your limiting beliefs
so you put the past in its place.

Do you feel unfulfilled in your life?

You’ve created a good life for yourself…You have a meaningful relationship with your partner and a lucrative career. On the surface, you’re happy and successful. Yet deep inside, you feel a lack of fulfillment. Something is missing….Maybe you’ve followed a path not your own or been indispensable to everyone else.  Are you ready to change that?  Let’s talk.

Do you
avoid conflict?

Although most of your life is working really well, you notice that you still feel uncomfortable with conflict in a way that limits your success.  Whether it’s something personal like differing with your partner or something professional like negotiating a business deal, you avoid the discussion and acquiesce.  Are you ready to unpack that?  Let’s talk.

Do you pressure
yourself relentlessly?

There’s always more to do and what you do is never quite good enough, that voice in your head endlessly telling you what you could have done differently. Imagine quieting that voice, not through distractions or techniques, but by feeling satisfied with doing your best. Are you ready to get curious about that voice and experience more ease and satisfaction in the process?  Let’s talk.

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You carry all the ingredients to turn your existence into joy. 
Mix them
! Mix them! ~Hafiz