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Sessions that integrate mind, body, and spirit to heal trauma,
enhance performance, and restore aliveness.

Are you ready to change your life?


Are you ready to change
your life?

Are you easily distracted?

You start your day with an idea of what you want to do and the next thing you know, the day is gone and you feel further behind than when you started, feeling at the mercy of everyone else’s priorities. Are you ready to change that? How will your life be different when you strike a balance between what matters most to you as well as others?  I can help you uncover the root of this pattern.
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Do you avoid conflict?

What is it about conflict that is so uncomfortable? It can be something small like disagreeing on where to have lunch or something significant like your work hours or where you want to live. What if this were even a little bit easier for you? Are you ready to find out?
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Do you pressure yourself relentlessly?

There’s always more to do and what you do is never quite good enough, that voice in your head endlessly telling you what you could have done differently. Imagine quieting that voice, not through distractions or techniques, but by feeling satisfied with doing your best. Are you ready to experience doing your best with success and a sense of ease?
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Suzie Gruber ~ Somatic Experiencing / NARM Practitioner in Sebastopol, CA and on Skype

My deepest passion lies in helping you improve your life. You have an innate drive towards aliveness, wellness and success, a primal urge that gives you the strength and courage to change, regardless of what you face along the way. Are you ready to change your life? Give it at try.

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Curiosity Talk:

Money issues can be stressful! Is this because we lack practical money skills or does it have to do with cutting to the core of self-worth and survival?
Perhaps the answer is both and more!
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